Proposed Bylaws

Here is a copy of the proposed Bylaws of OA Foot Steps VIG.

The Bylaws Committee would welcome you to join us between 10am – 5PM Eastern on Nov. 6 to MEET THE MOTION. You would be welcomed to drop in and ask any questions you might have as well as submit any motions (or suggested changes).

This is YOUR Intergroup and the goal is to officially approve these updated documents in order to help the Intergroup as a whole run more smoothly. So please take a few minutes to read these documents. We all have a voice, and we would like to provide you with this opportunity on Nov 6th to have your voice heard regarding the rules that will help our intergroup function. And then hopefully on Dec 11, 2022 at the OA Foot Steps Special Meeting we will vote to adopt them.

Click Here to view the Proposed Bylaws in a separate window

Click here to view the RED/GREEN Version in a new window

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