OA Foot Steps Monthly Recap

October 16, 2022 3PM Eastern

Welcome Fellows! The first half of October has produced many successes within Foot Steps, including our first Intergroup meeting with our new Chair presiding. This recap of the October meeting does not replace the official minutes of the Intergroup meeting. We recommend all members have a look through the current minutes from our last meeting. Click Here To View

The Board would also like to share with you the words of our new Chair:

“Before we begin, I just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am for this service opportunity to be Chair of OA Foot Steps. I have to admit I am more than a little bit nervous, but also really excited. I really want to do my best for you, my Foot Steps Family, and I ask for your patience as I find my way in this role.

As I’m inspired by our literature I’d like to share that sometimes I might fail to be all that I should be, and sometimes I can’t be there to give you all that you might need from me. I humbly ask you to accept my imperfection too. Love & accept me in return and help me in my sometimes- falling failing. That’s what we all are in OA – imperfect but trying. Let’s rejoice together in our effort and in the assurance that we can have a home here in OA Foot Steps, if we want one.  – As you are probably aware, I stole this last bit from the “Welcome Home” reading, but it just seemed like the perfect way to start this journey!

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report
 ● For every user that came in, the average contribution per person was $.18
 ● See Financial Information page for the full report.

Language and Diversity Committee
The Chair of the Languages Committee reported that it has voted to separate from the Diversity Committee. Fliers in multiple languages are ready for use. The committee is looking for Spanish speaking volunteers to start a Spanish meeting. Please follow this link to the new Languages Committee webpage.
https://oafootsteps.com/language-committee/ or email: languages@oafootsteps.com

Workshop Committee
The Oct 2 “Stepping in Gratitude” workshop went very well. 90 attendees! SAVE THE DATE! The next workshop will be on Saturday, January 14th. For more information: workshop@oafootsteps.com

Sponsorship Committee
The September 25th Workshop hosted with the Virtual Region went well. At its height, there were 65 participants present. We sent an email to all who signed up with us previously to sponsor to join the “OAFS Sponsors, Sponsees” WhatsApp group, which is a chat that members can join who are looking for a sponsor or sponsee and match with each other. I received responses to the email, and most people are no longer willing to sponsor.  A handful of people were still willing to sponsor and did join the new matching WhatsApp group. Email: sponsor@oafootsteps.com

Literature Committee
All hands on deck! The Literature Committee is looking for service volunteers! We have some great goals and are working hard to get several projects started. This is a wonderful, rewarding way to do service; to provide program literature to members who would otherwise not be able to afford the materials. For more information reach out to literature@oafootsteps.com. Our next meeting is November 1st, 6PM, (CST), 7PM (EST), and is on the Foot Steps calendar. For more information reach out to literature@oafootsteps.com.

Webteam Committee
Still looking for a Web Team Chair! Questions? Issues? Email webteam@oafootsteps.com.

Bylaws Committee
Click here to view the August 2022 Report. For more information email: bylaws@oafootsteps.com

Come learn Intergroup Rep Basics at our upcoming workshops! All will be held in Zoom Meeting ID 971 8262 1027,  password 1212. To get a copy of the script before the presentation, email irbasics@oafootsteps.com.

Upcoming Workshops
November 15th 5pm; 30th 1pm
December 3rd 9am23rd 8pm

Meetings Committee
The Meetings Committee has noticed that a lot of the contact information we have listed for Meeting Leaders, VIG Reps, & Meeting Contacts is incorrect. Because we are a small team of 4 members, we are reaching out to ask for your assistance. If you are a group service member (leader/host, cohost), Please take a few minutes to look at your meeting’s listing on the Foot Steps meetings schedule,  and at OA.org.

If you notice the contact information is missing or incorrect, please communicate with your group to obtain the correct information. Please then fill out the form at https://oafootsteps.com/edit-or-delete-a-meeting/. If you have questions or need help, please email us at meetings@oafootsteps.com.

We also have service opportunities for fellows who enjoy visiting different meetings and connecting with other fellows; or, those who like spreadsheets! Please email us at meetings@oafootsteps.com for more information.

Our monthly committee meeting is on the 2nd Sunday monthly at 11am US Pacific /1p US Eastern. Please check our meetings schedule for information on how to join. The listing will be in green.

Newcomer Committee
The Newcomer Committee meets every Tuesday at 1pm EST. newcomer@oafootsteps.com


A fellow spoke on Concept 10
Concepts of service help us apply the Steps and Traditions in our service work. Service work is an important part of the OA program. The Concepts offer guidance for our Trusted Servants. From group Secretaries, right up through Trustees. They help us to be better Trusted Servants and remind us that we are not serving just for ourselves, we are serving in the Fellowship, and of course, we are best served when we trust in a Higher Power, a God of our understanding.”

 “Service responsibility is balanced by carefully defined service authority; therefore, duplication of efforts is avoided”

Concept 10 helps groups avoid problems arising from misunderstood job responsibilities and multiple people doing the same thing. The job descriptions are usually defined in the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures documents, and of course are voted on by Group Conscience, Group Conscience is the ultimate authority. Because service is essential to our recovery-we can’t keep what I don’t give away. There are many ways of doing service, when we  take on a service role we need to be clear on what is expected of us. If there is any doubt what the job duties include, conflict may arise. Concept 10 helps us to avoid internal controversy in the same way that Tradition 10 protects us from outside controversy.”

A few options were presented to OA Foot Steps regarding the Secretary position. The Body voted to uphold the previous vote to allow the current Secretary to serve until the end of the term, with the abstinence requirement waived as previously voted and approved. The month-to-month caveat will not be in effect because it is not part of our current Bylaws.

Unfinished Business from Previous Month:

  • Motion: For OAFS VIG to utilize Robert’s Rules in an advisory capacity only. Maker of the motion requested the motion to be withdrawn and there were no objections
  • Motion: for a $500 Budget for the OAFS Literature Committee to send OA literature to OA-er’s who cannot afford to buy it. The motion passed. Click Here to View

Eight Virtual Region Assembly Representatives were nominated and then voted in by Motion. A motion was presented to elect all Virtual Region Assembly nominees to be the OA Foot Steps Representatives for the Virtual Region Assembly on November 19th and 20th, 2022. Motioned passed with no objections or questions


  • To help the Meetings Committee everyone could speak with a Leader at every meeting they attend to please update their contact/meeting information if needed. {See Meetings Report}
  • PIPO has created a flier called “Do you have a Problem with Food? and ready for everyone to download and to share in their community. It is also available in multiple languages. Flier-Do You Have a Problem with Food? This poster is intended to carry the message. We are asking all of our Members to print and post these folders around in their community. Grocery stores, libraries, gas stations, any bulletin board that you find, etc. The French version will also be made available with more languages on their way!
  • Check out Virtual Region’s website for upcoming events. https://oavirtualregion.org/ There will be an IR basics workshop on November 13th.

Well, another great month is on the books! Thank you for all that you do to help make each month a little better than the last! You are all very appreciated!

Together, We Get Better!

OA Foot Steps Board

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