November 2022 – Committee Reports

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Summary: This month we completed our work on all the documents and look forward to voting on them at 10AM Eastern on December 11 2022!

More Details? You got it! We went through our documents, marking in green all suggested additions to our existing documents and marking in red everything we suggested be removed. On November 6th 2022 we held a Special Meeting where questions were answered and a few changes were adopted. We have submitted motions to adopt the new Bylaws, Policy and Procedures Manual, and Standing Rules at the meeting on December 11th. You can review all the documents on the OA Footsteps website.

What if I have questions? What if I have experience with bylaws and would like to be of service?? Please feel free to reach out to us by emailing

ESH Newsletter Committee Report
Chair: Val B

Experience, Strength & Hope Newsletter Website:
Direct Submission:

We are re-launching the Newsletter! The first issue will be published on January 14, 2023 and subsequently every 3 months for the first year to coincide with OA Foot Steps Birthday on April 14th 2023. The theme for the first issue will be anything NEW. The newsletter will be available in several languages and will be permanently viewable at

  • ReNEWed Newsletter
  • NEW Years’ Solutions
  • What’s NEW at OAFS (New meetings introducing themselves; New service opportunities; New Committees; New podcasts)
  • NEWcomers…
  • ReNEWed Sobriety
  •  God Shots – Incidence, Coincidences.
  • NEW Friends, NEW relationships, NEW people – in & out of the fellowship
  • ReNEWed Meditation – How to start or restart a meditation practice. (Guided, music, etc..)

We are looking for your stories, your ESH in any format and in any language. Writings, poems, images, drawings, cartoons, sound bites, podcasts, videos, or anything. We are looking for regular contributors or one time contribution.  We also welcome anyone on the ESH Newsletter team and we meet every Thursday at 9am EST.

CHAIR: Juliet

The Meetings Committee has noticed that a lot of the contact information we have listed for Meeting Leaders, VIG Reps, & Meeting Contacts is incorrect. Because we are a small team of 4 members, we are reaching out to ask for your assistance. If you are a group service member (leader/host, cohost), please take a few minutes to look at your meeting’s listing on on our meetings schedule and If you notice the contact information is missing or incorrect, please communicate with your group to obtain the correct information. Please then fill out the form at If you have questions or need help, please email us at

We also have service opportunities for fellows who enjoy visiting different meetings and connecting with your fellows or who like spreadsheets– please email us at for more information.

Our monthly committee meeting is on the 2nd Sunday monthly at 11a US Pacific /1p US Eastern. Please check our meetings schedule for information on how to join. The listing will be in green.

Chair: Ann P.

Come learn Intergroup Rep Basics at our upcoming workshops! All will be held in Zoom Meeting ID 971 8262 1027,  password 1212. Contact for a copy of the presentation or any questions.

Upcoming Workshops – ALL TIMES US EASTERN

Chair: Karin H.

The workshop committee is planning our next event for Sunday January 8th 2023 from 3-4:30pm eastern. Title is: New Year, Fresh Start. 2 speakers will talk on Steps 1,2,3

PIPO {Public Information & Professional Outreach}

Click here for *NEW* PIPO Poster – Carry the Message

The Public Information & Professional Outreach (PIPO) Committee has been hard at work planning and carrying out projects to help carry the message! Public Information (PI) carries the message to still-suffering compulsive eaters, and Professional Outreach (PO) carries the message to medical or other professionals who work with still-suffering compulsive eaters. Our committee has big ambitions for the year ahead – here are some of the projects we are working on:

  • Newcomer website – updating the Newcomer page on our website with the Newcomer pamphlet; later, revamping the Newcomer website completely
  • A member created and got a digital flier approved to be distributed to members who can then print and post around their geographic area
  • Creating an adapted virtual version of the Professional Outreach brochures as we are a virtual intergroup
  • Bringing a motion to the VIG to be brought to the World Service Business Conference to make the Professional Outreach manual and brochures available digitally
  • Planning workshops including one on how to talk to your medical professional(s) about Overeaters Anonymous, and hoping to bring the workshop to different special focus meetings

We are always looking for interested members to join the committee! You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you would like; taking on a project here or there, suggesting an idea for a project, or lending a hand in multiple ways. Currently we are having our meetings on Saturdays at 11AM EST but please check the OAFS schedule for the most up-to-date information.

We are also looking for a dedicated trusted servant to take on the Chairperson commitment for the PIPO committee. If this is something that interests you, please attend one of our meetings or reach out to If anyone has any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to

Chair: Susie

  • We got someone who will be in charge of incoming emails.
  • We got another to set up an automatic response email.
  • Forms will be made for people interested in doing service and fellows that need books.
  • Release of information is needed and a fellow will look into that.

The Literature Committee is looking for service volunteers! We have some great goals and are working hard to get several projects started. This is a wonderful, rewarding way to do service; to provide program literature to members who would otherwise not be able to afford the materials. For more information reach out to Our upcoming meetings will be listed on the OAFS calendar at


Still looking for a Web Team Chair!

Questions? Issues? Email

Treasurer: Alix S

See Financial Information page for monthly reports


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