VIG Monthly Recap – Nov 2022

Greetings from the Board to our OA family!

So many wonderful things are on the horizon for the future of Foot Steps. The recently revived ESH {Experience, Strength & Hope Newsletter} Committee will be releasing its first Newsletter on January 14th. You aren’t going to want to miss this, so please take a moment to sign up for Constant Contact so you will receive the most current ESH newsletter quarterly. Stay in the loop by following this link to get signed up! Constant Contact Sign up.

Please Note: This recap of the November meeting does not replace the official minutes of the Intergroup meeting. We recommend all members have a look through our minutes: November Minutes {Full}


I just would like to take a minute to thank everyone for all of your service that you so selflessly give to our intergroup, OA Foot Steps and to OA in general. This is definitely a “we” program and the slogan “Together We Get Better” are not just words, but a philosophy that I have come to love through program.

There are some exciting things on the horizon. Very soon, we will be holding elections and you will have an opportunity to apply and be a part of the board. Giving service at this level has been so great for my recovery and it has been such an honor serving as your chair for the past few months. I’m so excited to see what 2023 will hold for OA Foot Steps!

In loving service,

Your Chair

Mark Your Calendars!!

Dec 11th 10am – 5pm EST
Adopt proposed revised Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and Standing Rules

Dec 12th 2022
Application for OAFS Board Positions & WSBC delegates open 

Jan 15th at 3:00pm-4:30pm EST
Regular VIG meeting w/ Elections & Appointment of WSBC delegates

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report
● Financial Information – See Financial Information page for the full report.

Languages Committee

The Languages committee was created to support the creation of non-English speaking meetings, and to continue to support them in any way they need, so fellows may find the fellowship that they crave.  OA Foot Steps is a global service body, with fellows from all over the globe! All members need to have the same access to recovery, no matter what language they speak.

Primary Purpose: to carry the message to compulsive eaters who still suffer and especially to encourage the opportunity for ALL languages to participate fully in recovery across OA Foot Steps.

What Does Our Committee Do?:

  • We support and encourage the creation of meetings in any language other than English.
  • We provide translations for literature, meeting material and promotion materials for OA Foot Steps.
  • We help identify areas in which OA Foot Steps might improve accessibility to all languages.

Workshop Committee

The Workshop Committee shared that the next workshop will be January 8th, 2023. The theme is “New Year, New Start”. There will be 2 speakers, and time for Q&

Literature Committee
OA Bookstore Overview

All hands on deck! The Literature Committee is looking for service volunteers! We have some great goals and are working hard to get several projects started. This is a wonderful, rewarding way to do service; to provide program literature to members who would otherwise not be able to afford the materials. Our next meeting will be listed on the Foot Steps virtual calendar at For more information reach out to

Webteam Committee

Still looking for a Web Team Chair!

Questions? Issues? Email

Bylaws Committee The Bylaws Committee’s primary purpose is to provide support to meetings multiple ways including a glossary of terms that you might hear of in intergroup but that you might not be familiar with.

Helping anyone with drafting a motion that they would like to submit.

Requesting that any members that might be curious about this committee to come to one of their meetings listed on the virtual calendar.


Come learn Intergroup Rep Basics at our upcoming workshops! All will be held in Zoom Meeting ID 971 8262 1027,  password 1212. To get a copy of the script before the presentation, email

Upcoming IR Basic Workshops


  • December 3rd 9am
  • December 23rd; 8pm
  • January 9th; 8am
  • January 9th; 10pm
  • February 4th; 4pm
  • February 23; 1am

Meetings Committee

The Meetings Committee is requesting more committee volunteers, and is also asking for meeting representatives and leaders to update their current information on their meetings page.

This Committee has noticed that a lot of the contact information we have listed for Meeting Leaders, VIG Reps, & Meeting Contacts is incorrect.

Because we are a small team of 4 members, we are reaching out to ask for your assistance. If you are a group service member (leader/host, cohost), Please take a few minutes to look at your meeting’s listing on the Foot Steps meetings scheduleand at

If you notice the contact information is missing or incorrect, please communicate with your group to obtain the correct information. Please then fill out the form at If you have questions or need help, please email us at

We also have service opportunities for fellows who enjoy visiting different meetings and connecting with other fellows; or, those who like spreadsheets! Please email us at for more information.

Our monthly committee meeting is on the 2nd Sunday monthly at 11am US Pacific /1p US Eastern. Please check our meetings schedule for information on how to join. The listing will be in green.


Concept 11 was read: Trustee administration of the World Service Office should always be assisted by the best standing committees, executives, staff and consultants.

To help the Meetings Committee everyone could speak with a Leader at every meeting they attend to please update their contact/meeting information if needed.

PIPO has created a flier called “Do you have a Problem with food?” and is ready for everyone to download it to share in their community. It is also available in multiple languages. Flier-Do You Have a Problem with Food?

This poster is intended to carry the message.

We are asking all of our Members to print and post these fliers around in their community. Grocery stores, libraries, gas stations, any bulletin board that you find, etc.

The French version is now available with more languages on their way!

Check out Virtual Region’s website for upcoming events.

Thank you to each and every one of you for all that you do to help make each month a little better than the last! You are all very appreciated!

Together, We Get Better!

In Loving Service,
OA Foot Steps Board

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