December 2022 – Committee Reports

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If you’re looking for a committee’s report not listed here, November’s Committee Reports may have it.

Chair: Janet P.

Security training was once a month but is currently every 2 months or when needed (in times of
increased intrusions). Our last workshop was December 3rd . It was well attended.
Security committee is willing to train smaller groups if they are unable to attend a scheduled

Script for the training was updated to focus more on how to set up meetings with adequate security
rather than how to rescue a meeting when disruptions happen.

OAFS Intruder Alerts WhatsApp guidelines revised to prevent conversations and comments.

Intrusion Support Meditation meeting is running on the alternate month – A space to identify with
others and explore any feelings that have arisen from intrusions. Sharing and guided meditation.
Added recently – Meeting Intrusion Support WhatsApp group – non real time group to expand from
the Meditation meeting.

Security Help WhatsApp – NEW WhatsApp group where meeting hosts can reach out for help in an
emergency if they are unable to find a security trained co-host for a meeting.

We also send out general WhatsApp posts about recommended security protocols sent out to hosts/ co-hosts – setting up meetings, how to report an intrusion etc.

Security committee is always available to answer any questions about security:

Chair: Ann P.

Come learn Intergroup Rep Basics at our upcoming workshops! All will be held in Zoom Meeting ID 971 8262 1027, password 1212. Contact for a copy of the presentation or any questions.

Upcoming Workshops – ALL TIMES US EASTERN


We need volunteers to be our VIG Liaison (VIG Pages Updater), Announcements Updater, Events Updater, Service Opportunities Updater, & Social Media Volunteers. We’ll be having workshops to train folks for most of these service opportunities. We are still looking for a Web Team Chair. The Committee is running rather nicely, but we need a few more volunteers & a Chair.

OA Foot Steps Webteam Digital Tutorials
Four Fridays at 1PM Eastern {1½ hours}
Dec 16: Events {} & Announcements
Dec 23: Service Opportunities & VIG Liaison
Jan 6: Forms {WordPress & Google}
Jan 13: Social Media

Please look for more info for these Digital Tutorials on the calendar!

Questions? Issues? Email

Treasurer: Alix S

See Financial Information page for monthly reports


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