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We are truly blessed in OA Foot Steps at the level of enthusiasm that we find every day in our service activities! We dearly welcome new members to join our teams! Service is an important part of recovery and we need your help. Please have a read through the current service opportunities, and our committees descriptions below, to see if any of these committees appeal to you! We encourage our service volunteers to ‘Follow your Passion’! What sorts of things do you enjoy doing that might benefit others?



ANNOUNCEMENTS: This committee is always looking for new members who are able to keep our intergroup updated with all the latest information and news. There are some technical skills required for this role. Training will be provided. Email: announcements@oafootsteps.com

DIVERSITY: This committee is still in its development phase, as we hope to encourage even greater diversity in our Intergroup. If this is of interest to you, please email: diversity@oafootsteps.com for more information

ESH NEWSLETTER: Our Experience, Strength & Hope Newsletter is in need of a few dedicated members who might wish to support a quarterly newsletter. We are looking for an assortment of service volunteers from editors to web techs, writers to graphic artists to develop content and put it up on digital channels.  Most importantly, we are looking for content!! If you wish to contribute please submit at: https://esh.oafootsteps.com/submissions/ or Email esh@oafootsteps.com for more information.

FINANCE: The Finance committee meets as needed to further develop the financial goals of our intergroup. Email finance@oafootsteps.com for more information.

FUN & FELLOWSHIP: Looking for some fun? Come join the funnest committee of them all, planning activies all through the year that are fun and rewarding to all our members. Email fun@oafootsteps.com for more information.

INFORMATION: Our information committee receives ALL the inquiries that come into our intergroup. They are our front line spokespeople to help answer questions and connect members with the proper channel. This is an essential team, especially for our newcomers, that is always looking for new members! Email info@oafootsteps.com for more information.

IR BASICS (INTERGROUP REPRESENTATIVE BASICS): This committee has developed a series of workshops to help prepare our meeting representatives for their new service role, and to share a little about the service structure of OA. Email irbasics@oafootsteps.com for more information 

LANGUAGES: We have an active Languages Committee which has a number of representatives from around the world working to further our goal of inclusivity, by developing a digital platform and meeting format that welcomes all, in whatever language they require. Email lanugages@oafootsteps.com  for more information. 

LEADERSHIP: Our Leadership committee is predominantly a support group for leaders of our meetings to share among themselves as needed, and to request assistance at meetings as required. Email meetings@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

LITERATURE: Our literature committee is creating a process for members who might not otherwise afford our OA literature, to receive copies, both digitally and physical, for free. We are actively seeking members in various continents around the world to save on postal costs. If this is something you are interested in, please do reach out to literature@oafootsteps.com

MEETINGS SCHEDULING COMMITTEE: The meetings scheduling committee is a dedicated team of fellows who help manage our very busy meeting schedule. We are always seeking new members who might wish to learn the process, and help keep our meetings up to date and accessible to all. Email meetings@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

MILESTONE: OA Foot Steps has members in the UK & Europe, North America, and in Australia who are dedicated to sending out Milestone coins to celebrate your recovery. Email milestone@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

NEWCOMER: Another sub-committee of PIPO, this committee is dedicated to creating new, and improving upon our existing, channels that would help introduce Overeaters Anonymous, and our own intergroup to a Newcomer. Email newcomer@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

PIPO: Our Public Information & Professional Outreach committee is an umbrella for multiple sub-committees as well as its own self-assigned tasks. It works predominantly on a project to project basis. All are welcomed to join! Email pipo@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

PODCAST: Many of our meetings record their speakers which are uploaded to the website as podcasts for our members to enjoy. Training is available for anyone that might wish to learn this process, and become part of this team. Contact podcast@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

BYLAWS: Our Bylaws committee has worked hard to produce our newly revised Bylaws, Policies & Procedures that continue to be revised. All are welcome to join us! Email bylaws@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

SECURITY: OA Foot Steps has been at the forefront of security safeguarding our meetings by offering workshops not only for our own intergroup, but others also! Email security@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

SPONSORSHIP: The Sponsorship committee has recently conducted a Sponsorship workshop, and continues to develop virtual strategies to assist members to find active sponsors. Email sponsors@oafootsteps.com for more information. 

TIKTOK & SOCIAL MEDIA: Our newly formed Tiktok and Social media committee, also a sub-committee of our PIPO, is always looking for members who might want to help content for social channels to carry the message to compulsive eaters who still suffer.  Please email tiktok@oafootsteps.com if you would like to get involved! 

TWELFTH STEP WITHIN: To strengthen OA in our intergroup and beyond by sharing information and ideas, and to help members address relapse and recovery including: Speaker-Sponsorship, Workshops, a focus on membership retention, providing literature to address Twelfth Step Within concerns, outreach to members in relapse, regular Step-Study workshops, reaching out to those still suffering within and without, and being a resource for any groups that may need any extra help. For more information, please contact tsw@oafootsteps.com.

WEB TEAM COMMITTEE: Always on the lookout for members who might wish to join our webteam to help maintain aspects of our website, and keep it current. If this is of interest to you, please email webteam@oafootsteps.com.

WORKSHOP COMMITTEE: Our newly formed Workshop committee has already seen a number of successes and is already developing our next workshop for January. If you would like to join this committee, please email workshop@oafootsteps.com

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