VIG Monthly Recap: May

Welcome Foot Steps Family!
Very exciting month for OA Foot Steps!
  • 9 Delegates were sent to New Mexico for the WSBC Conference, it was a huge success! 8 Delegates spoke about their experience at the recent VIG Meeting. All of them concluded that the highlight of the event was the Ukraine and Russian delegates holding hands during the Serenity Prayer. Thanks to all the delegates who attended. Reports will be on the OA Footsteps website soon.
  • Service opportunities are always available on OA Foot Steps you can find them here: 
  • Concept 5 was read in the VIG meeting
  • New  15 week OA Footsteps 12 step studies are coming up soon: 12 Step Within Committee: We are about to launch a 15 week step study course on OA Foot Steps: Wednesdays at 6:30pm-8:30pm Est on May 24th. Also a Friday Session starting May 26th from 1pm-3pm Est. Click here for more info.


We held 3rd mini-Service Fair at the VIG meeting, and related how to access the various service roles that are currently available. Some of the highlighted roles included:

Click HERE for an overview of OA Foot Steps Service Roles & Committees
Click HERE for a list of current Service Opportunities

CLICK HERE for all the Committee Reports for April 2023

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