⌚🍂Time Change: Fall Back🌿⏲️

Clocks have gone back in Australia 🇦🇺 & who knows where else, so prepare yourself for the onslaught of time zone confusion! We’re all “falling back” an hour, but the exact date of that depends on where you live in the world. In Europe, clocks go back on the last Sunday of October; in the USA, they go back on the first Sunday of November. And those are just the ones I know about! So if you are outside of the USA, you may be experiencing some dissonance between when you usually get to go to an OA Foot Steps Meeting & when the meeting actually happens. This confusion may continue for you until Sunday, November 5th at 2am, US Eastern Time. After November 5th, we’ll all have switched to Standard time & no one will have to worry about this again. Until Springtime. 😉

Please spread the word that anyone can check exactly when OA Foot Steps meetings are happening in their time zone at oafootsteps.com. If the website isn’t working, here is a direct link to our calendar.

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