November 2023 Committee Reports

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Bylaws Committee
Chair: Alix S.

Please see minutes/report here. Link opens new page.

Twelfth Step Within (TSW) Committee Report
Chair: Rick F.
Co-Chair or Vice Chair Needed

TSW is a brand new Foot Steps Committee with a goal to strengthen OA by sharing information and ideas within the virtual world and to help members address relapse and recovery.

We already have a couple of projects in the works and would love you to join and do service by helping to plan a Birthday Event for the 4th Birthday of Foot Steps on April 14th.

Also, after receiving many requests, a 15 Week Step Study is in the beginning stages of planning.
To learn more, and/or to join the committee’s Whatsapp group please contact us at

Chair: Ann P.

IR Basics workshops are on hold for now. To get the workshop script, please email

Chair: Cecelia S.

In the last month, the Meeting Schedule Committee has:

  • Reviewed a new ADD-EDIT-DELETE form with committee members, board members and other interested parties.  We have approached Board meeting to launch new form following the November Board meeting..
  • We have established weekly work sessions to make meeting related updates (rather than calling ad hoc work meetings)
  • We have advised Board of contact information loading standards
  • We have advised Board of policy to load OA.ORG ourselves
  • We have reviewed new ADD-EDIT-DELETE documentation.  
  • Composed first draft of our committee Statement of Purpose and are reviewing it.

Cecilia S.

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