Information Committee

We are looking for a dedicated team of members who might coordinate their efforts as a committee to respond the requests for information that come into our intergroup. There are two areas that need development:

1. Responding to Email Requests
2. Responding to our incoming Hotline Calls

This role might involve developing scripts for the more commonly asked questions, and the ability to ascertain the nature of the inquiry to better serve the needs of our fellowship, by directing the inquiry to the right committee, etc. This is an exciting role, welcoming our newcomers, as well as the information support for our current membership.

The key role is the ability to respond to emails and/or calls as they arrive, especially from our Newcomers, and/or redirect inquiries to appropriate sources within our Intergroup. As a committee member, any emails directed to: would be automatically forwarded to you, and all the other members of your team. When an inquiry comes in, you might respond to them directly, by responding to ALL, to ensure that other members on your team know that the inquiry has been responded to in a timely fashion.

Longer abstinence and a working knowledge of OA on a service level is recommended, but not essential. Some experience working on Email, Zoom and WordPress platforms would be an asset, but not essential. For more information, please reach out to

Service Category: Info Committee
Service Commitment: 1-2 Hours per Week
Abstinence Requirement: To Be Determined
Start Date: Immediate

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