Service Category: Webteam
Service Location: Virtual
Abstinence Requirement: To Be Determined
Service Length: 1-year term

We are seeking an experienced Webmaster who can help maintain and navigate the OA Foot Steps website to meet the needs of this fellowship as it continues to grow.

Longer abstinence and a working knowledge of OA on a service level is recommended. Experience working on WordPress platforms would be considered an essential skill.

Webmaster Duties include the following:

  • Recipient & responder, to all emails directed to webteam@oafootsteps.com as the point of contact for anyone wanting a change or update on the main website. Please note that there are specific emails to contact the coordinators of the various pages on the OA Foot Steps website: Announcements, Links, Podcasts, Newcomers, etc.
  • Maintain the integrity of the web site using web site best practices, according to: https://oa.org/guidelines/website-development/
  • Ensure any structural changes are reviewed by the OA Foot Steps VIG.
  • Be familiar with the website content management system {webhost cPanel, WordPress, etc}
  • Research and recommend new features to enhance the web site and report the results to OA Foot Steps VIG for consideration and approval.
  • Monitor requests submitted by the Board liaison for posting; ensure they are Board approved; and completed by either the Webmaster or Webmaster Assistant.
  • Train and assign tasks to other members of the webteam, including the Webmaster Assistant.
  • Adding new pages & sections, meeting templates, maintenance & updates to the website
  • Creating and maintaining web templates
  • Create a website technical information document within the service body that includes login and passwords, process instructions, and other important information, that is given to the designated parties for safekeeping and access information.
  • Make suggestions for improving the web site, submitting proposals to OA Foot Steps VIG via motions at their monthly business meetings.
  • Update and modify the oafootsteps.com website as needed. 
  • Monitor software and licensing updates and expenses. 
  • Post information and event documents and encourage usage of the website among OA members in accordance with the suggested website guidelines offered by OA.org, in accordance with the Traditions and Concepts of Service of OA.
  • Annually review the positions job description and recommend updates as necessary

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