​Do you need help finding a sponsor, or are you an available sponsor willing to work with someone remotely? ​​
Are you looking for a sponsor or sponsee but can’t find one in a face-to-face meeting? Here at OA Foot Steps, we encourage virtual Sponsorship, connecting with your fellows via email, telephone, zoom or other social media platforms of your choosing, with members anywhere in the world!

How do I find a sponsor/sponsee?
Ideally, in the past, we found sponsors or sponsees at our face-to-face meetings. However, often times it is difficult or impossible to find a sponsor locally. To help members who are isolated, or in an area that has few members, OA Foot Steps VIG offers online sponsorship for sponsors and sponsees.  

SPONSORS: A Sponsor is someone who has been around OA and is in recovery.  Are you willing to sponsor someone? Add your bio to our list of Available Sponsors.

SPONSEES: A Sponsee is someone who wants support to work the OA program and may be new or returning to OA. Do you need someone to help you? Request a list of our Available Sponsors.

When you press Send to OA Foot Steps Virtual Sponsorship Committee, your information will be sent to our Virtual Sponsorship Committee.

What is Sponsorship?
Sponsors are OA members who are living the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions to the best of their ability. They are willing to share their recovery with other members of the Fellowship and are committed to abstinence. Find a someone who has what you want and ask that person how he or she is achieving it. A member may work with more than one sponsor and may change sponsors. Many of us choose to work with just one sponsor. In either case, it’s helpful to avoid changing sponsors frequently. More information is available on the OA website.

Read the recent letter from the Board of Trustees on Balanced Sponsorship. 

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