Click on the donate button to be taken to a PayPal account. The name shown is that of our current bank account holder. You can see the OA Foot Steps name on the second line. We are in the process of changing the name on our PayPal account to our Intergroup rather than to the person listed when you click “Donate”.

If paying by bank cheque, please make it payable to: OA Foot Steps VIG #09670
Mail to: Suite #131-356 Ontario Street, Stratford, ON Canada, N5A 7X6
PLEASE NOTE: We can not accept Postal Money Orders.

If desired, we would encourage you to include your meeting’s registration number in the ‘note field’ as you are submitting your contribution, to attribute the contribution to your meeting.

 According to our Seventh Tradition, we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Your contributions go towards this group’s expenses: Zoom account access, web-hosting, chips, pamphlets and postage. We send regular contributions to the Virtual Region, and the World Service Office {WSO} to help carry the message to other compulsive overeaters.

Give as if your life depends on it! We encourage OA members to give as much as they are able, to help our group be self-supporting. While the suggested contribution is US$5.00 or more, we welcome contributions of any amount. PayPal charges a set fee for each donation, so larger donations go farther.

from Suggested Meeting Format


From World Service Office {WSO}: “In keeping with the recent Board of Trustees decision to increase the suggested contribution from US$3 to US$5, we have updated our free, downloadable Seventh Tradition of OA pamphlet, available in our document library under “Treasurer Resouces.” It’s through our contributions that we honor the Seventh Tradition “to be fully self-supporting” and thereby are able to fulfill our primary purpose “to carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps of OA to those who still suffer.” Share the updated pamphlet at your next meeting, so that your fellow members may better understand OA’s financial structure and why OA counts on your financial support.

Click Here For More Information about the Seventh Tradition

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