Please view upcoming motions and discussion items, and take these back to your meetings for discussion to bring your group’s conscience to our monthly Virtual Intergroup meetings on the 3rd Sunday. You can find our VIG Agenda here or through the link at the bottom of the page.

2023 March

Old Business
23.05_To remove committee list and add details about the formation of new committees
Note: The Bylaws Committee is returning the motion, suggesting this motion be rescinded in favor of the amendment 23.05.1 submitted by the board. {SEE URGENT BUSINESS}
Urgent Business {Revision of 23.05 – Submitted by the Board}
23.05.1_Rescind restructuring of committees & establish Ad Hoc to review
Immediate Business {Consent Agenda Items}
001_23.02.15_To allow first names and last initials on the website
004_23.03.15_To Add Focus VR Intergroups to our Calendar
Bylaws and Policies & Procedures Revision: 
003_23.02.22_To revise Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Manual Annually – Submitted by the board
Amendment: 005_23.03.15_Amendment to 003_23.02.22 – Submitted by the board
23.01_To clean up duties of the Committee as a whole and the Committee Chair {P&P Update}
23.02_To create a section detailing the role of Committee Chair {Bylaws Update}
23.10_To change the secretarial duties – Submitted by the bylaws committee
Amendment: 002_23.02.22_Amendment to 23.10 – Submitted by the board

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