88817Daily Reprieve: The Ninth Step Promises 
 88794Abstinence & Relapse 
 89109OA Creative Reprieve 
 88974OA Lunch Break 
 88955OA 12 and 12 
 88876Women’s OA Meeting 
 89274Neurodiverse Freethinkers 
 88915OA 100+++ 
 89050For Today/Meditation 
 88818Daily Reprieve: Inspiration 
 88997OA Dysfunctional Families 
 89009Recovery from Relapse 
 88830BIG BOOK 
 88975OA Lunch Break 
 88756Topic Tuesday 
 88833Big Book – Anorexic/Bulimic Focus 
 88869Men’s Meeting 
 88844Body Image 
 88819Daily Reprieve: Writing 
  Weight Loss Surgery 
 88852OA Topics Discussion 
 88916100lber Special Topic – Susan P. 
 88976OA Lunch Break 
 pendingOA Mental Health 
 89010Women’s Body Image & Relationships 
 89275Neurodiverse Freethinkers 
 88964AA 12 & 12 
 89243Creative Reprieve 
 8877212 Step Study 
 88996OA Mental Health 
 88820Daily Reprieve: Speaker 
 TBAVoices of Recovery 
 88957Higher Power Hour 
 88796BIG BOOK 
 88977OA Lunch Break 
 88813Twelve Stepping a Problem 
 88963OA Chronic Illness, Pain, & Sensitivities – Ann P. Have an average of 40 people. Each week we get someone who is new to OA.

We are using sign up genius to have host and cohost positions organized and filled.
 88837Lifeline Literature 
 89083Big Book Study 
 88771Daily Reader/Literature 
 88821Daily Reprieve: Staying in the Solution 
 88994Twelve Traditions 
 89447OA 12 & 12 Study 
 889619 Tools of Recovery 
 88978OA Lunch Break 
 89424Wellness in the Workplace 
 88770Body Image 
 89276Neurodiverse Freethinkers 
 88965LGBTQ & Friends 
 89409Literature (Big Book) 
Saturday89251Creative Reprieve 
 88864Daily Reprieve: Daily Reader 
 89440Weekly Reprieve 
 88881OA Relationships & Sexuality 
 89077Seeking the Spiritual Path 
 88962Meditation & Topic 
 88864OA 12 & 12 Literature 
 89086100+ Exercise & Recovery 
 88757Abstinence Literature 
 88991Life in Recovery 
Sunday88890Inspiration or Topic 
 88836Daily Reprieve: Topic 
 89075Newcomers 30/60/90 
 88871Newcomer’s Information 
 89113Newcomer’s Writing & Literature 
 88751OA Footsteps Fellowship 
 89448Body Image 
 88954OA Chronic Illness 
Last updated: June 2021

Non-Real-Time Meetings Reports

Non-Real-Time meetings are meetings that do not meet in real time or meetings that do not occur immediately. These meetings may take place over a period of hours or days. Examples of non-real-time meetings are email or bulletin loops, social media pages, bulletin boards or forums, and mobile applications.

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