OA Foot Steps (OAFSVIG / oafootsteps.com) is encouraging all of our Non-Real Time WhatsApp groups to perform regular group inventories to ensure all information on our website and any listings on OA.org are correct. This will help ensure that any new members coming in will find an active and thriving group, rather than an empty space that is lying dormant. It is suggested that this process is followed at least annually.

*1. Is this WhatsApp group active?*
*Does this WhatsApp Group have active Admins?*
♦ If we are unable to determine if this is an active group or not, and if there are no objections within the next seven (7) days, it is suggested that this group is removed from oa.org and oafootsteps.com/whatsapp

♦ If there is activity here but no active admin, could we discuss moving this group to a new channel on WhatsApp, with a new active administration team in place, and update our oa.org and OA Foot Steps meeting listings accordingly? 

*2. Is the information for this group on oafootsteps.com/whatsapp correct?*
♦ If not, please reach out to whatsapp-meetings@oafootsteps.com with this WhatsApp’s Group Conscience changes.

*3. Is this group listed on OA.org?*
NOTE: There should be a link to that information on oafootsteps.com/whatsapp if you click on the number next to the meeting name.
♦ Determine if your group is a meeting or parking lot/car park. What is the difference? See Non Real Time Meeting or Parking Lot.pdf at (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TUjgAF9wG-GnzDTfcvgdE5TFed-rqNW9/view?usp=sharing).

♦ If it is a meeting and isn’t listed on OA.org/find-a-meeting/?type=5, it is suggested that the group registers at https://oa.org/add-a-meeting/ and sends the Meeting number to whatsapp-meetings@oafootsteps.com..

*4. Is the information on OA.org correct?*

♦ If not, it can be updated through https://oa.org/add-a-meeting/edit-a-meeting/?type=5

Please note that WhatsApp chats do need to post themselves on oa.org unless they are functioning as Non Real Time Meetings. (See the link at 3. – Non Real Time Meeting or Parking Lot? – if you have questions about the difference.) If you need help with the form, please let us know.

*5. Is everything already correct and up to date?*
♦ Great! Please let whatsapp-meetings@oafootsteps.com know that a group inventory has been performed.

*6. If you know of OA Foot Steps WhatsApp Chats that are not listed at oafootsteps.com/whatsapp, please email* whatsapp-meetings@oafootsteps.com to let me and the Meetings Chair know about them.

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