Invite the Speaker to submit the Podcast Release Form to the Podcast committee, to ensure that the recording can be posted on the website. The speaker can submit the release form via email, or directly from the website: Podcast Release Form

Other Meeting Preferences: Some of the following may/may not be applicable depending on the meeting, and in accordance with any Group Conscience decisions that may be present. The meeting leader is encouraged to edit/add/delete according to the needs of their meeting, and to ensure the recording is in keeping with the 12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts of Service within Overeaters Anonymous:  

  • Share your experience, strength and HOPE
  • Check your internet and connectivity in advance
  • Be aware that the virtual background option may be disabled for workshop
  • Test your speaking environment for distractions or disturbances such as people moving around behind you, phones ringing, dogs barking, outside wind, animal sounds, air conditioning, food etc.
  • Test your video and positioning for lighting/ visibility
  • Refrain from mentioning foods by name/you are able to mention foods by name.
  • Refrain from use of profanity as per committee GC/Profanity is acceptable. 
  • Refrain from suggesting/ sharing non-OA approved literature or links. You can go to the website for further information on what’s approved for sharing:
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