OA Creative Reprieve

Welcome to OA Creative Reprieve! This meeting focuses on embracing our creativity as a means to help navigate our recovery in Overeaters Anonymous, and to deepen our relationship and connection with our Higher Power. This is an opportunity to put “put our thoughts and feelings down” through a wide variety of creative mediums, so that we might better understand them, and see them with greater clarity. This is an opportunity to share your current work, and how this creative process has expanded our spiritual connection with our Higher Power.



Or, click here to open the PDF file: https://oafootsteps.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/creative_reprieve.pdf

OA CREATIVE REPRIEVE STUDIO {VIRTUAL} SPACE: https://zoom.us/j/81738885598, passcode 1212

We have our own designated ‘Studio’ space, open 24 hours per day, throughout the week. This space is available for our members to meet in Quiet Fellowship to work on their personal creative projects. If the room is not being used for a meeting it is available for Quiet Fellowship, and can be booked or can be used impromptu by any of our members. Please do not speak aloud in this room, but messages in chat are permitted. If you plan to use this room, please post a message in the Creative Reprieve Whatsapp group {https://bit.ly/2FreCHu} to let folks know that you are in there working, and approximately for how long. 

OA Creative Reprieve 7th Tradition: We have set up a temporary 7th Tradition Paypal pool to collect funds to help maintain the cost of our OA Creative Reprieve Studio room. We had one years worth of Zoom donated to us last year. As of July 20th, we will need to cover the cost of the room ourselves {either monthly or yearly}. USD: $149.90/year or $14.99/month Here is the Link to our Paypal Pool: paypal.me/pools/c/8Ao5ULrdLs

OA Creative Reprieve Financial Report JUNE 2021

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