Policies & Procedures:

Article V – Board Members
2. Duties by Position
b. Deputy Officer

  1. Assumes all duties of the Chair, or other Board Members, in their absence.
  2. Acts as or appoints a coordinator for Representatives to Virtual Region Assembly.
  3. Acts as or appoints a coordinator for Delegates to World Service Business Conference.
  4. Maintains OA Foot Steps systems and policies for protecting and managing the personal data of all service members and OA Foot Steps visitors for the benefit of carrying the message, specifically:
    1. Oversees all outgoing mass emails from the intergroup.
    2. Ensures proper transfer storage and deletion (in required timeframes) of personal data.
    3. Seeks to review and understand global regulations from other OA service bodies that have conducted thorough reviews,  and proposes updates to OA Foot Steps Governance Documents.
    4. Assesses and evaluates user-friendly and affordable technologies to align with global privacy and data protection practices.
    5. Trains service fellows in the use of global privacy and data protection practices and associated technologies.
    6. Oversees creative releases for submissions to OA Foot Steps digital outputs, speakers’ releases, and other required resources.
    7. Oversees registration for OA Foot Steps events and ensures that there are appropriate releases for service volunteers and creative materials.
  5. Other duties as assigned.
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