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Literature Committee Report 01/18/24

Committee meetings are held every other Tuesday at 7 PM EST all are invited to attend. Our next meeting is Jan 23rd at 7 PM EST.

We have had some requests for literature and those requests have been fulfilled in as received.

There are many resources available from the OA website.

 The Daily Reprieve Group most always puts the free pamphlet “Where Do I Start “in the chat. That pamphlet is available in many languages.

 It would really help new people in your respective meetings if all of our meetings added that pamphlet to their chat. The relapse document is a valuable resource as well.

We have yet to discover the process for getting literature to other countries. This will be a topic at the next meeting. If someone out there has this process written down please share it with our committee or send us an email.

Thank you for your service.

Together we get better.

Jim C

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