MOTION:  Move to replace the existing Policy and Procedure Manual with a newly revised and clarified version.
{Click here for the Red/Green Version}

CAVEAT: The implementation of article Article IX – Committees may be delayed for up to 90 days to allow the intergroup an opportunity to restructure.

SUBMITTED BY: Kullan – Chair of the Bylaws Committee of OA Foot Steps 


INTENT: To revise and clarify the Policy and Procedure manual.

IMPLEMENTATION: Adoption of the newly formatted Policy  and Procedure manual only involves re-posting of the documents.

COST: $ 0.00

RATIONALE: While the majority of the work is a consolidation of existing material, we have looked to the footsteps of those who have come before us to create new responsibilities within our intergroup. There is a working copy of the existing Policy and Procedure Manual (Red & Green) available with all the inserts and strike-through’s so you can see the changes to our original document. There is also a clean copy (Full Draft), so you can see what the updated document would look like.

We believe the adoption of this newly revised Policy and Procedure Manual as a single motion would best serve the intergroup.

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