OA Foot Steps Virtual Intergroup Regular Business Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2022
3:00-4:30PM EST/7:00-8:30PM UTC
Held Via Zoom Platform

Call to Order

  • Chair presiding 
  • All Board Members presentQuorum Met
  • “We” version of the Serenity Prayer


  • Voices of Recovery, April 14th
  • Step,Tradition and Concept 11 were read 

Establishing Ground Rules and notes

  • Representatives were reminded of the Intergroup’s established ground rules

Concept 11

  • Concept 11 Speaker 

Approval of the October 2022 regular meeting minutes. Passed with no objections

Establish Voting Numbers

  • 33 voters present-Quorum met 

New  Business

Treasurer Report:
The Treasures Report  can be viewed by anyone at any time by following this link: https://oafootsteps.com/financial-information/

  • Questions asked and discussed

Committee Reports:
Full reports from the committees can be read by following the following link:

  • Meetings Committee
    • Requesting more committee volunteers.The committee is also asking for meeting representatives and leaders to update their current information on their meetings page.
  • Workshop Committee
    • The Workshop Committee shared that the next workshop will be January 8th, 2023. The theme is “New Year, New Start”. There will be 2 speakers, and time for Q&A.
  • ESH Newsletter Committee
    • The first quarterly newsletter will come out January 13th. January’s newsletter is                 focusing on  anything NEW. Submit poetry, a piece of artwork, something digital (submissions page.) Would love to hear from newcomers for this edition. Please sign up for Constant Contact to make sure that you receive the newsletter every quarter.
  • Bylaws Committee
    • The Bylaws Committee’s primary purpose is to provide support to meetings multiple ways including a glossary of terms that you might hear of in intergroup but that you might not be familiar with. Helping anyone with drafting a motion that they would like to submit.
    • Requesting any members that might be curious about this committee to come to one of their meetings listed on the oafootsteps.com virtual calendar.
  • Languages Committee
    • The Languages Committee asked for all representatives to post in at least 1 of their meetings that the committee is looking for fellows that speak Spanish, Hebrew, or any other languages to create a new meeting in that language. https://oafootsteps.com/language-committee/
  • PIPO Committee
    • PIPO-Needs people that are interested in helping give support for those who are still suffering, or professionals that may work with the still suffering. Check oafootseps.com virtual calendar for upcoming meetings.

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • November 19 and 20th-  Virtual Region Assembly
  • Dec 11th 10am-5pm EST                                                                                                         Adopt proposed revised Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and Standing Rules
  • Dec 16th 2022- Application for WSBC delegates open                                                  
  • Jan 15th at 3:00pm-4:30pm EST Regular VIG meeting w/ Elections
  • Jan 15th 2023- Appointment of WSBC delegates 

Meeting adjourned
A reading was heard from the OA 12×12, pages 86 and 87
Serenity Prayer
The meeting was adjourned at 4:31 EST, November 13, 2022

Respectfully submitted by the OA Foot Steps Intergroup Secretary

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