Each of the meetings that use OA Foot Steps ZOOM room may use some, if not all of the following ZOOM room features and the following protocols to run their meeting. Please remember that this platform is the same as a Face-to-Face meeting, and the same decorum that is requested there, would also be expected here at a virtual meeting.

We ask everyone to respect our group conscience. This meeting has decided that the chair for each meeting has the discretion to uphold these protocols to ensure the room remains safe and accommodating for all who attend our meetings. This meeting asks you to accept these suggestions in order to keep the meeting on track.

  • It is important that those who are on video are appropriately dressed. Please do not turn on your video if you are not wearing a shirt, or appropriately covered.
  • We will ask anyone that comes into the meeting with an inappropriate username to change their name to their first name, or at least to something less problematic. Also, because of our tradition of anonymity, we might ask that you refrain from using your full last name at meetings. If you wish, a host or co-host can assist you to make these changes on the participant’s list.
  • Please do not smoke or vape on camera.
  • We also ask that you do not eat or chew gum on camera, or on speaker/mic, for the duration of this meeting. Beverages are permitted.
  • Please mute yourself when you are not sharing by clicking on the mic image on the lower left-hand corner of your screen. You can unmute yourself when you are sharing. If you are joining us via phone, please use *6 to mute or unmute themselves on the phone
  • If you wish to share, please use the ‘raise hand’ feature found on the participants list. If you are unable to raise your hand to share, please type * in the chat box, or message the meeting leader privately through the chat box. If you are joining us via the telephone, use *9 to raise your hand, and again to lower it.
  • Depending on the size of this meeting, we have an opportunity to break out into smaller rooms after we open the meeting, and then bring everyone back in at the close. If the leader chooses to use this function of ZOOM it is to ensure that those in attendance will have ample time to share, and to get through the material in a timely fashion. Not all meetings will use this feature.
  • Also, especially for those of you who attend regularly, we encourage you to get an over-the-ear headphones and mic set to help offset some of the feedback that can arise during a meeting without headphones or earbuds. This also serves to help protect the anonymity of those in the meeting who are sharing at the time.
  • While we make every effort to ensure that this is a safe environment for all our members, please contact the Host, or one of the co-hosts, immediately if anyone posts a private message that is inappropriate or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. Our aim is to keep this a safe space for all our members.

If you have any further questions or issues, or would like to learn more about ZOOM check out their Help Centre at: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us

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