Welcome Home! The OA Foot Steps Virtual Sponsorship Committee is a service body that maintains a list of active sponsors and assists those fellows looking for sponsors in accessing the sponsor list. Recently the committee had to remove our sponsor list from the website. Until we can develop a more secure way to provide the support, we ask that you follow this suggestion:

Please make an announcement at your OA Foot Steps meeting: “The sponsorship committee is here as a backup only for right now. To find a sponsor, identify someone who has what you want and ask them how he or she got it and ask if they will be your sponsor. If they cannot be your sponsor, ask them to help you look for a sponsor.”

The committee is working to find another means of providing the “Available Sponsors”, we will update the page when we have a method lined up.

The committee is working on expanding its service to share workshops for those who would like to become sponsors and looking for information and resources on sponsorship. If you are interested in joining the Sponsorship Committee please reach out to sponsor@oafootsteps.com

OAFS Sponsorship Committee Report – July 2022

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