We are currently accepting applications for World Service Business Conference Delegates:
Online registration is open now. Please have your application in before
Midnight (Eastern time) on February 10th, 2024.

Theme: We ALL Belong: Welcome to OA!
Dates: May 7th–11th, 2024 {Face-to-face attendance only. No virtual attendance}

OA Foot Steps is seeking delegates to attend {in person} the upcoming World Service Business Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our intergroup will cover all your traveling, accommodation and conference expenses.

OA Foot Steps Bylaws:


  1. Delegate elections will take place at the January Business Meeting which precedes the World Service Business Conference application deadline, and shall be in accordance with OA Foot Steps voting procedures.
  2. In the event of a delegate being disqualified or if not enough delegates are elected within clause 1 of this article a regular or special meeting may be called for election of vacant delegate positions.
  3. When insufficient delegates are selected by meetings held in accordance with paragraph two (2) of the article, the OA Foot Steps Board may select members for any remaining delegate positions, provided they meet the qualifications.
  4. OA Foot Steps may send one delegate for every 15 meetings or part thereof.
  5. Applications must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days before the meeting at which the election will be held.
  6. The World Service Business Conference delegate(s) will have full responsibility for attending on the behalf of OA Foot Steps.
  7. Delegate(s) will participate in all World Service Business Conference activities and submit a report to OA Foot Steps following the World Service Business Conference.

OA Foot Steps Policies & Procedures:

  1. World Service Business Conference Delegate
    1. Follows World Service Business Conference guidelines for registration. 
    2. Represents OA Foot Steps at all meetings of The World Service Business Conference.
    3. Works with the World Service Business Conference Coordinator and other Representatives in preparing to be an active participant at the Conference.
    4. Ensures that all communications pertaining to The World Service Business Conference and The World Service Office are made available to OA Foot Steps.
    5. Service on a World Service committee is part of the role and the commitment is maintained throughout the full year of office.
    6. In consultation with the World Service Business Conference Coordinator and other Delegates, submits and presents a combined report to OA Foot Steps at a Business Meeting following the World Service Business Conference.
Use initial letter of Last Name
Note: Each person shall be the sole judge of their abstinence.
Note: You do not need to be a meeting representative or leader to give service as a delegate to the World Service Business Conference (WSBC) as long as you have met the abstinence and the service requirements.

Do you agree to the OA Foots Steps Data Privacy Policy available at HERE?

You can ask for your name to be removed from the list for general distribution by emailing
If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Deputy Officer
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