Intergroup Meeting Reminder and Committee Reports

Reminder that our Intergroup business meeting will be held this coming Sunday, 3p Eastern Time. Get the meeting info in your time zone at this link: The link will open in a new tab.

March 2024 Committee Reports

Bylaws Committee Report

Goal – A complete review and simplification of the bylaws and policies.

The committee has continued to meet each week and have completed most of the review and are now preparing motions for the suggested changes to the documents.

The newly revised Meeting Guidelines were adopted at the December meeting and posted on the website.

The committee is on target to have the project completed by the end of March.  This includes all motions submitted to the Board.

This month at Intergroup there will be a discussion on how the Intergroup wants to receive the motions.  The suggested choices will be all at the normal monthly meeting,  at a separate meeting, a few each month until the list is depleted or some other method that may be developed.  The goal is to ensure the members of the Intergroup are aware of their part in the approval of the revisions and that the adoption of the documents is an agreement to use them as guides for the Intergroup business processes.

Anyone who is interested in participating on this committee, or has questions about the committee or the work that has been done,  do not hesitate to contact me at

In Service,

Cyndy L.
Bylaws Coordinator

Digital Committee

Meetings Schedule Committee

The Meetings Schedule Committee

  • made preparations to remind everyone about the change to Daylight Savings Time,
  • is talking about how best to make use of OA Foot Steps’ Zoom resources,
  • is considering changing one of the forms used for requests,
  • is reviewing the email templates used to respond to requests, and
  • constructed and edited the guidelines for the Committee.

For more details, see

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