Service Positions

Committee nameDescriptionContact infoDate added
Event Listings CoordinatorUse WordPress & to put OA events on the OAFS website events page. Interface with Committees, Announcements Page Coordinator, & any other entities as necessary to list OA & OAFS events.

Respond to requests sent to announcement & event emails.

No abstinence requirement.
email digital@oafootsteps.com12/19/23
Bank Account Signatory {Canadian Citizen Requirement}We are seeking a Canadian citizen who is willing to give service as one of our bank signatories. It is a simple service as a backup signatory of our Canadian bank account based at CIBC. please email for more information12/19/23
Announcement Page CoordinatorUpdate the Announcement Page directly onto the website.

Is the point of contact for anyone wanting to add, edit, or delete an announcement on the OA Foot Steps website.
please email for more information12/19/23
Banker for OAFootstepsCoordinates payments to/from our bank account as directed by our treasurer (must be a Canadian citizen due to bank regulations)read more and fill out application at

Committees Seeking New Members

Committee nameDescriptionContact infoDate added
SecurityOA Foot Steps has been at the forefront of security safeguarding our meetings here at OA Foot Steps by offering workshops not only for our own intergroup, but others also! Email for more information.12/19/23
LanguagesWe are working to further our goal of inclusivity, by developing a digital platform and meeting format that welcomes all, in whatever language they require. Email for more information.12/19/23
TWELFTH STEP WITHINTo strengthen OA in our intergroup and beyond by sharing information and ideas, and to help members address relapse and recovery including: Speaker-Sponsorship, Workshops, a focus on membership retention, providing literature to address Twelfth Step Within concerns, outreach to members in relapse, regular Step-Study workshops, reaching out to those still suffering within and without, and being a resource for any groups that may need any extra help. Email for more information.12/19/23
By-LawsHello fellows! We are looking to rotate service for our bylaws committee. We are looking for a new bylaws chair as well as new members for the committee. This is a relatively low-time commitment service opportunity and a wonderful way to support our intergroup! Training will be provided as required! Email for more information12/19/23
DigitalWe are looking for a variety of members who may have varying digital skills with any and no experience necessary, and who are willing to give service to this intergroup to help navigate our website and other aspects of our digital presence. Specifically, we are looking for members with WordPress, CPanel, WP Plugins, Graphics & Social Media Experience, but all are welcome to apply. Training can be provided as required. Email for more information12/19/23
InformationWe are looking for a dedicated team of members who might coordinate their efforts as a committee to respond to requests for information that come into our intergroup. Two areas need development:

1. Responding to Email Requests
2. Responding to our incoming Hotline Calls

This role might involve developing scripts for the more commonly asked questions, and the ability to ascertain the nature of the inquiry to better serve the needs of our fellowship, by directing the inquiry to the right committee, etc. This is an exciting role, welcoming our newcomers, as well as the information support for our current membership.
The key role is the ability to respond to emails and/or calls as they arrive, especially from our Newcomers, and/or redirect inquiries to appropriate sources within our Intergroup. As a committee member, any emails directed to: would be automatically forwarded to you, and all the other members of your team. When an inquiry comes in, you might respond to them directly, by responding to ALL, to ensure that other members of the team know that the inquiry has been responded to in a timely fashion.

Longer abstinence and a working knowledge of OA on a service level are recommended, but not essential. Some experience working on Email, Zoom, and WordPress platforms would be an asset, but not essential.
For more information, please reach out to info@oafootsteps.com12/19/23
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